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Friday, November 29, 2013

Here we go again!

So, has anything changed at all?  I'm asking this specifically about two things that are very relevant to every Americans life, whether we want to acknowledge it or not.

First, I'm talking about God in your life.  Are you still going to church, donating to whatever charity or cause is popular at the moment, and doing any number of other things that Christians do?  Or are you still promoting the thought that 'I believe in God, but....'?  Maybe you're hanging with those who are doing their best to convince anyone who'll listen that God isn't even real. Perhaps there is some other category or subset that better describes you?

No one needs to sweat it today, I'm not going to be throwing a bunch of Scripture at everyone, so take your fingers off of the 'back' button or the red 'X'.  Just plain language, straight from the heart that isn't meant to answer any questions that may have been spoken, or maybe just thought about.  Just hang on for a bit and my rambling for today will be over, I promise.

The second thing I'm asking about today has to do with how well the politicians from all points of the compass are managing the worlds affairs.  I want everyone to think for a moment about how well things are going.  Start with your immediate family, then include your extended families along with intimate and close friends.  Now move on to your city, county, state, and federal governments.  If you have the stomach for it, take a long hard look at what's happening in the rest of the world.   Is there anyone who can say honestly that everything about life is perfect?  Regardless of what your official 'Party Line' is at the moment, just take a step back from it, and everything else, and think for a moment about you.  This needs to be an original thought, not influenced by something or somebody, whether it be me, important people in your life, family, and even God. 

Be back here tomorrow at the same place and time.  Between now and then, do what I've asked and spend some serious time with 'self' thinking about who you are, why you are, how you are, and what you are.

See you then,