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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What About Us?

After reading about a school in Canada that not only allows, but actually sets aside time and physical resources for Muslims to have their Friday prayers at a certain time in a [school] location, my first thought is, "What about us Christians?"  The thing is that the same school disallowed prayers for Christians, going so far as to forbid Christian children from even praying silently if it involved any outward signs of worship such as making the sign of the cross.  The spokesperson for the school said that the school, 'practiced religious tolerance' by allowing the Muslim worship.  Again, the question, "What about us?" comes to mind.  Let's look at another incident.  Some months ago, a school teacher here in the U.S. wanted paid time off to travel to Meca for [Muslim] worship.  The school denied her application for the paid time off, along with the travel expenses she requested.  So what did she do?  What any Muslim would do living in a country run by a Muslim extremist, she sued the School District.  Why is this important for us to know?  If you or I, as New Testament Believers, wanted to go to Israel for worship, not only would our request for paid time off and travel expenses be denied, but our resulting lawsuit would be immediately dismissed as frivolous.  If  our children wanted to worship GOD through prayer that included outward signs of worship, whether it be the sign of the cross or something else, we would find that 'religious tolerance' didn't include allowing Christian worship, or even recognition, of GOD.  Combine this with the fact that Obama made the statement last year that we, as Americans, should show Muslims that we, "are eager to embrace their beliefs."  He also made the statement more recently that he didn't see anything wrong with Sharii law being the law of the land here in this country.  Where does all of this leave us?  I don't know if Obama is 'the' antichrist, but remember that the Bible warns of 'other' and 'lesser' anitchrists who will come in advance of 'the' anitchrist. One thing I do know though, and this isn't being judgmental, I'm just stating the obvious.  What I know is that the prophecies of persecution for Believers are being fulfilled more and more every day, and the person who is supposed to lead this country is leading it right down the road to perdition.  Let's face facts, there have always been some people who will always have some issue to act stupid over, whether it's public prayer or the breeding habits of the desert sand flea.  My point is that as long as there is more than one person looking at something, at least one of them will display stupidity.  What we're seeing now is far beyond that.  In fact, the stupidity I'm talking about is actually being used by Obama to continue to degrade the people or this country and their rights to worship GOD at any time in any place in any way.  The thing is this, Obama doesn't have anything to say about our relationship with GOD, and he can't take that right away or curtail it in any fashion, unless we allow him too.  When anyone tells me that I need to show someone who doesn't believe in GOD that I'm eager to 'embrace' their beliefs, then all I have for that person is a lot of prayer!  I refuse to 'embrace' any other beliefs other than my belief in GOD!  If being willing to accept any other belief as valid is a requirement of Obama to be an American, then the proof is there that he has no idea of what an American is, or should be. 

You know, most often I don't voice my very strong views on the state of this country, and the downturn it's taken in the last two years.  Reading the article on the Canadian school and their allowing Muslim worship and forbidding Christian worship triggered me to respond.  All of what I've read and seen needed a place to go, and I guess this was it.

Be Blessed my fellow Believers!

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