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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

That's The Difference!

It's not hard to sin.  It's easy, anybody can do it without putting a lot of effort into it.  In fact, it easier to sin than it is not to sin.  It takes a whole lot more effort and fortitude to not sin than to just go ahead and get it over with.  I've heard people who were professed Christians make the statement that, "I'm not perfect, just forgiven."  Both ends of that little saying are absolutely true, but their individual value is reduced to nothing whenever they're put together like this.  In fact, when I hear someone use this line, it makes me sick!  When people use terms like this one, it's usually to justify their actions.  I don't know, maybe in their own minds it makes it okay to just keep on doing whatever it is they're doing.  If they weren't feeling some conviction in the first place, I wonder if they would feel the need to justify what they've done.  Here's a word for people like that, JESUS already did all the justifying that any of us will ever need.  HE doesn't need yours, mine, or anybody elses help in the field of Justification.  I don't know about you, but I am more than satisfied with HIS handiwork in regards to Justification, I know that I couldn't do half as good as HE did.  So, where does that put us, those of us who fight sin every step of the way, and then still sin.  Yes, it's true that our bodies betray us, that our minds will lead us astray every chance it gets.  Our own emotions will make a mockery of what we know to be true.  What do we do when we've transgressed, and know that any promise we make that it'll never happen again would be words wasted in futility?  Are we really any different than those who deny CHRIST?  What is it, if anything does, that gives us the right to continue to reach out our LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, time after time, for forgiveness?  Isn't it true that HIS Word tells us that HE desires that all men would come to repentance?  If that's true, then isn't it also true that CHRIST died even for those that deny HIM the most? 

It's true, the SON died even for those who deny HIM.  It's also very true that the Will of the FATHER is that all would choose to come to HIM in repentance. What gives us, as New Testament, Born Again, Raised in the Spirit Christians, the right to continually seek the LORD, whether it be for forgiveness yet again, or for strength, or for discernment? We know that everything that the FATHER has done for us is based on HIS great unconditional love for us.  Nothing we've done or could ever do has pre-qualified us, or made us worthy, or gave us more of a right than someone else has, for any part of GOD's gift of Grace.  HE places this gift of HIS right in front of each one of us.  Some receive the gift, other's walk away from it.  That is the difference, that when those of us pick up that precious gift of life-giving Grace, we chose HIM!  That's it.  No life-long search through the mysteries surrounding the unknowable things of GOD.  No spending your whole life locked away in self-imposed isolation, striving to earn an eternity in glory by denying yourself any creature comforts at all.  We just chose HIM to love.  We chose HIM to live for.  We chose HIM to praise.  We chose HIM to reach out to.  We chose HIM to have to cling to.  That's the big mystery that makes the difference, that we chose HIM. 

Do you have that difference in your life? Do you have HIM to love, to live for, to praise, to reach out to, to cling to?  Hey, it's easy, just choose HIM!

Lord Father, just as YOU chose each of us since 'before the foundations of the earth', I pray that you would convict the world, that every person would choose YOU and know the difference.   Amen

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