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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Political Correctness: Fact or Fiction?

This seems to be the goal of everyone in these times of this busted-up world we live in today, not only to be politically correct yourself, but to also force everyone else to conform to your version of political correctness.  My first response to this is something along the lines of, "Good golly Miss Molly, I'm sure glad that my LORD JESUS CHRIST had no concerns at all about being politically correct!"  His concern was more with being obedient, and that is the only thing that keeps me, and every other New Testament Believer, from being headed straight to an eternity in hell.  Ooops!  There I go again, not being politically correct.  I sure hope that I didn't offend someone by even thinking that anyone who doesn't believe in GOD, and hasn't claimed the [shed] Blood of CHRIST for the redemption of sin, is going to hell.  And... make no mistake about it, there is just as much of this fixation on political correctness and avoiding, by all means necessary, offending anyone at all in our local churches today as there is anywhere else.  I mentioned obedience a minute ago, specifically the obedience of CHRIST being very much a part of making the eternity of Christians possible to be spent in Heaven with Himself, but His obedience alone doesn't make the Believer's hope of an eternity in Heaven a done deal.  His obedience just makes the Believer's hope a possibility, there has to be obedience on the part of every person who comes to the Throne [of Grace].  The thing that gets overlooked all to often is that the required obedience extends far beyond the altar.  Being not only 'hearers' but also 'doers' and 'giving no place to the devil' and '[being] aware of our adversary the devil', along with a host of other instructions, not the least of which is found in Acts 1:8 that is often referred to as the Great Commission.  And before anyone asks, no, none of these things are politically correct, at least not in this world. 
If CHRIST had been politically correct He would not have done a lot of things, not the least of was to stand up and tell the leaders of the Jewish culture of the day that they were wrong in how they worshipped GOD.  The thing that He did that isn't acceptable in most of the local churches in our present times was to declare, loudly and clearly, that without the obedient actions of believing and accepting and professing and confessing you are going to hell.  Sadly, we don't hear this message being preached nearly enough, and if a person hasn't done these things, and isn't living an obedient life [to GOD's perfect will], then they should be offended, and that to the point of coming to CHRIST! 
Thank You, LORD, for not being politically correct, but for being obedient instead.  Give me not only the desire, but the need, to be obedient, and that I would also have that same need to follow the examples You set for me with every step You took, every word You spoke, and every breath You drew.  Strengthen me so that my life will reflect You, so that everything about me would be a living and breathing testimony to You!  Amen! & Amen! 

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