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Monday, May 30, 2011

Is It Real?

Do you look around much at peoples lives and think, 'Wow, they've got the good life!', or, 'Man, the hits just keep on coming!'  It sure seems like some people really have it made, while some people just can't seem to get a break.  More and more people are finding themselves having to struggle, not just to keep the lights on and groceries in the fridge, but to understand how things got the way they are.  But, here's the question, 'Is your life, your choices, your options, your decisions, is any of it real?'  Okay, the question of what 'real' is has to come first now doesn't it?  What is 'real' to you?  How about this one, 'What should be 'real' to you?'  If you get two different answers to the last two questions, then we've got some work to do.  Oh, by the way, Yeah, I'm a Believer!  I am getting more and more from people that they are realizing that they have to get 'real,' or get 'more real.'  I hate for it to be this way, but the truth, plain and simple, is that a great many people would never consider trusting GOD with their lives so long as they thought they had any other options.  Then we have those who have the idea that after they get a few things sorted out, or fixed, that then they'll turn things over to HIM.  All I can say to both of these groups of people is that they need to stop trying to lay out their plans for HIS Will.  The Bible says that, 'Without faith it is impossible to please HIM.'  When people say they have faith but they don't turn their lives over to HIM, for whatever reason, then (to me at least) there seems to be something either wrong or missing from their faith.  Maybe their faith isn't real.  Now that's a thought.  People respond when they're asked about their relationship with the FATHER with stuff like, 'Oh I believe in GOD.'  But that's not what they were asked, whether they believed that HE existed or not.  What they were asked was how they stood with HIM, and right about then is when people find themselves late for work, or have to get the kids from school.  Do you get the idea?  Does any of this sound familiar?  I'll leave you today with one last question, and I know that I've been full of questions today.  Is your life real?  See ya, and GOD Bless you and yours!  Just in case I haven't mentioned it before, Yeah, I'm a Believer!
                                                                                           Terry a.k.a. k2montana

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