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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Whose Rights?

I know that I'm not the only person who at first was alarmed by the the trend of our country in regards to public displays of a belief in GOD.  I say that I was alarmed at first because now, in an odd way, the restrictions being placed on Christians are comforting.  I'll bet that one threw you for a loop, didn't it?  Not to worry, I'll explain how I can see the good in prayer being taken from schools, in a constant battle to keep the phrase 'In God We Trust' on our money, and the list goes on, and gets longer every time you turn around.  Oh, by the way, I don't know it I've ever mentioned it before, but, 'Yeah, I'm a Believer!'  The justification for different groups to initially file law suites against Believers for basically practicing their faith in public is that is violates someone elses rights to have to be 'subjected to someone elses belief(s).'  Then the courts will pick up the ball and a majority of the time will agree with the plaintiffs.  Here is a question that no one seems to ask, 'What about my rights, as a Born Again Believer, to follow the directives of my LORD JESUS CHRIST at any time, in any place as I'm led by HIS Spirit?'  The very few times that this question, or one similar, has been asked, it's been glossed over by every one from spokespersons for the complaining parties, to news commentators, to the judicial system in their decision.  I used to wonder why that was, and it bugged me, now I find solace in it, just like I find an odd comfort in the growing list of 'don'ts' directed at Believers by our government.  My perspective on the events I've brought out today is based on Scripture.  JESUS told HIS disciples that these things would happen.  Paul, in his many epistles to churches and groups of new Christians, was quite clear that these things were to be expected.  The Bible, which is GOD's inspired Word to man, basically promises Christians that these things will happen.  Here's a common thread among JESUS, Paul, and the Bible, that these things would happen in the 'latter days' and in the 'end times.'  Now don't go getting the idea that the 'end times' are just beginning right now.  Reference was made in the Bible that 'now in these end times' and 'now in these latter days.'  The 'end times' actually began in the time that CHRIST walked the earth.  So much comfort comes from knowing that these trends we see are things allowed by GOD to happen, because it's prophecy being fulfilled.  Could HE put a stop to these things?  You bet HE could, in a quick minute HE could.  The apostle Paul made reference to why GOD HIMSELF hardened the Pharaoh's heart, and then HE brought all the disasters and plagues.  GOD brought about every bit of it, so that HIS majestic power could be seen.  Think about it, if the Hebrews had been allowed to leave Egypt with no problems, then there would be no manna, no parting of the Red Sea, no staff turning into a snake and then back to a staff, in other words no miracles for the people to claim as signs of the power of their GOD.  We're looking at the same things today, and have been since the days of CHRIST, our LORD GOD's magnificence being revealed.  So, my thing is this, bring it on world, and ruler of this world, take your best shot.  With every new turn of events, I know that our days on this earth grow closer and closer to ending, and that's because He is faithful.  Just one other thing I want to address, and that is the Second Coming.  Please people, read your Bibles!  JESUS was very emphatic that 'no man knows the hour or the day.'  That Scripture to me is a promise that if anyone says that JESUS CHRIST is coming again on a specific day or at a certain time, that HE will not come at that time.  Think about it, if anyone knows when HE's coming again, then Scripture is a lie, and GOD don't lie!  I do want to say one more thing, and I promise this will be it, and that is that, 'Yeah, I'm a Believer!'
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