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Sunday, March 9, 2014

It Really Isn't That Hard!

What I'm fixing to say will get me throwed off of quite a few Christmas lists. That's okay though, my wife is always saying that I don't play well with others. This issue has been on my mind for a while, and as I've just finished 'Living Right In A World Gone Wrong' this is a good   a time as any to get this out.

When we pick up our Bibles, irregardless of the translation or version, whether or not it's paperback or leatherbound, and not important whether it's brand new or well-used, they all have in common that they're easy to read and simple to understand. One thing that the hundreds and thousands of 'doctrines' and 'theologies' have in common with the even greater number of denominations in the world is that by the very manner  by which they came to exist, they all have very little to do with God. God's Word, the Holy Bible, is at one end of a spectrum while all of the doctrines, theologies, and denominations are at the other end. Based strictly on Scripture, it's safe for me to say that when we're closest to the Bible end of the spectum, we're also the closest to God and His Will for us.  Necessarily contrary to this position is the [requirement] that the closer we get to the other end of this spectrum, and all that has accumulated there,  the farther from God we get.  I mentioned that it was [Scripturally] safe for me, or anyone, to take this position and it is, but I'm not going to tell you why  just yet. In a day or so I'll take this a little farther, so either check back then, or use the option on the left sidepanel to be updated via Email.

Right now we're in prayer over whether or not to do a book on this issue. As I said earlier, we just wrapped up a book and another is about finished. We do have several outlines ready to go forward on, but we're not sure where the Master Publisher would have us go to just yet.  So please do join us in prayer on this matter.

Many thanks,
Pastor Terry Keiner
Absarokee MT

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