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Friday, March 14, 2014

Review: The Rise of Evangelicalism by Mark A. Nolls

The Rise of Evangelicalism
by Mark A. Nolls

As a history buff of a variety of genres, I've accepted my lot in life is to spend a fairly significant portion of my life reading volumes of either dry and dusty or arrogant and pushy accounts of history. Having read this first work in a set of five, I'm already tracking down as many of the remaining four already in publication, and that is because Nolls has proven to me what I've always suspected. The presentation of easily corroborated historical facts, in regards to the growth and development of Evangelicalism, is done in a manner that is anything but arrogant or dry. Another thing that's easily recognized is the focus of the writer in not getting sidetracked, which is really easy to do, especially when writing from a historical perspective.  Finally, although there is much more that I could document in a positive note about this book, I'm going to finish-up by saying that when I was done with the book, I didn't feel that I was finished with the subject. Mark Nolls accomplished what I feel my purpose as a writer is, he left me with the desire to continue researching the subject of Evangelicalism.

Well done Mr. Nolls!

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Terry a.k.a. k2montana

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