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Friday, August 12, 2011

'Be Holy For I Am Holy'

Our history, if we're not afraid to claim history as a whole as 'ours', recorded more than one instance of people who were tied, shackled, whipped, beaten, mutilated, forced to relocate, separated from family, tortured until death or recantation took place, and just plain old-fashioned murdered, just to mention a few reactions to what someone may have believed to be true.  The thing is this, it still happens to this very day, and the Bible promises that it will continue and only get worse and more frequent, right up until the day of Reckoning that we Believers know as the Judgment Day.  I've written before, and stated it in talks and studies, that I welcome what I see going on around me in this world today.  I don't see it as adversity, I claim it as my LORD GOD keeping HIS promises!  Persecution will not affect you unless you're a threat to satan.  I read the foreword in the book 'Christian Atheist' and found it to be right on target.  There are literally millions of Christians in this country, not to mention the entire world, who are not a threat to satan.  It's not that satan is afraid to mess with them, it's that so many people do his job for him by not living the life of a Christian. 

Here is one of the most common scenario's that actually creates Christian atheists:  Somebody who is doing the work of the devil will make a big deal and call a lot of attention to someone else who runs their business or lives their life in ways that are pleasing to GOD.  It won't be living the Christian life that the devils pawns will fuss about, it'll be something else, like not supporting homosexuality.  This is a good example since it's all over the news today with everything from churches appointing practicing avowed homosexuals as ministers to states passing legislation showing support for two men or two women getting married.  Now the queer world is after Christian Values Network.  That would be a major coup for them in their lopsided caps, to get a multinational entity who has built their success on HIS agenda to recant from their stated position before GOD.  Now we never need to forget that the devil is cagey, and he'll use any willing idiot he can to get in GOD's way, and those gay rights people are just prime for his picking, he really loves that bunch.  Talk about someone not being a threat to him, they most definitely doing the devil's work for him! I just read on UCN that this bunch of devil followers is naming anybody who isn't as debased as them a 'bigot.'  Okay then, if that what it means to be a bigot, then I'M A BIGOT!  There, how's that?  I'm also against murdering and stealing and having sex with anyone other that my wife and any other thing that is contrary to GOD.  A part of me feels sorry for anyone who let's themselves be led by the nose, and they really believe that what they're endorsing is there idea.  These people never had an original idea in their lives, and now the devil is leading them around on a leash like a bunch of mindless idiots.  Oops!  There I go again, sounding like a BIGOT!  I take solace from one thing, and that is as long as these misguided fools are still drawing breathes, there is still a chance for HIS gift of grace to be accepted.  For that reason alone, I pray that each and every one of them has a long life. 

Here is the bottom line for me.  My LORD JESUS took a beating, withstood ridicule, and then willingly handed over HIS Life for me, and I love HIM for that.  But the thing is that HE also did all of these things for every single one of these people I've been going on about.  Do I understand how people could even begin to suppose that which they advocate and practice is okay?  No, nor would I ever want to, then I would be in fear for my own Spiritual sanity.  Am I mad at them?  At times, but for the most part it's frustration I feel, that they could be so blind to something so obvious.  Then I have to remind myself that they've given control of their thoughts over to satan, they've been willfully blinded.  When it's all over and done with, when every single one of us has to give an accounting, what then?  That's the question that satan closes their ears to the answer of.  The same thing with the ones who call themselves atheists.  On that Day, when they're denied just as they've wasted their lives denying, and they see hell coming straight at them with no place to run and hide, who do you suppose they'll be calling out for then?  If you really think about it, anybody who lives or professes to believe anything contrary to GOD is running and looking for a place to hide, that's what it's all about.  So, what I have to do, and what I willingly embrace, is to keep these people constantly in prayer.  I have to try not to let my frustration get in the way of HIS Work, and by that I mean that I have to take care not to alienate myself from people I know who aren't one with the LORD.  The other side of that is that I will never misstate my position with GOD for the sake of maintaining an acquaintance or friendship with someone who isn't with GOD, that would really please the devil!  The companies that have yielded to the devil's plans, and cancelled their business agreements with CVN

Where are you?

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