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Friday, August 19, 2011

'A' Truth or 'The' Truth?

The question seems simple, and clear, enough. Right? Maybe, maybe not.  Actually if we're not careful, this seemingly innocent question can derail a person completely in their growth in CHRIST.

Scripture, like just about any other subject, can be studied from at least two different points of view.  Some of those who study Scripture do so from an objective position.  This basically means that they're approaching things from an academic angle.  Their goal isn't to grow Spiritually as a result of learning more about GOD and HIS ways by studying HIS word.  Instead, the target they're shooting for is to become more competent in knowledge and understanding about a certain subject, in this case the subject is the Bible. But the subject could just as easily be Applied Mathematics or Molecular Biology.  Then we have those whose approach to studying the Bible is much more personal, or subjective.  (Okay, I confess, I'm one of these.)  Since I've already confessed, although I think a better word would be 'professed', to be one who studies Scripture for the purpose of growing in my knowledge of CHRIST and the will of the FATHER, I'll use myself as the example.  I study the Bible to learn more of the ways of GOD.  To me, the Bible being divided into two sections, the Old Testament and the New Testament, isn't indicative of what is important and not so important, or what used to be and now what is.  The Bible, in it's entirety, is HIS Word for me.  Think about it, we have a history book, a geography book, a math book, a book that is a work of literature in itself, a devotional, and a book that records each and every Believer's family tree from beginning to present. 

Now, here is the point to be made.  If the Bible is approached strictly from a desire to become proficient on a certain acedemic subject, then the meaning of the information contained within the Bible looses something important.  It looses the personal meaning that it should have for every one of us who has made the choice to confess and profess.  GOD didn't send HIS Son as a lesson on the things 'a' diety has the authority and power to do.  HE didn't allow HIS Son to die in a lowly degrading manner on 'a' cross just to make a statement of some kind.  JESUS didn't choose to do the FATHER's Will just to demonstrate the proper response of 'a' child to 'a' father's request, or instructions.  Okay, now we've come full circle, we're back to where we started, or where I started at least.  If we come at the Bible, and accept it to be a true and accurate document in regards to the approximately 4,500 years it covers, and do this from a clinical position, then we've effectively reduced all that it is to 'a' simple truth.  That's it, just another book to be put on a shelf labeled 'true'.  But, when we come into HIS Word from the [spiritual] perspective HE would have us use, then everything changes.  Our reading isn't just something we have to do in order to be able to ascertain the truth of the book.  Now there is joy and excitement and adventure and a sense of looking forward to the next chapter or the next page or the next word.  This is where our LORD FATHER wants us to be, and where we have to be to be in HIS Will for each of us who Believe.  Now the Word of GOD is 'THE' Truth not just because HE says it is, but because it's alive within us.  The 'TRUTH' of HIS Word is manifested in many ways, in things from little urgings and whisperings when we're involved in something something we shouldn't be, or fixing to do something contrary to HIS Will. 

There we have it, the question that seemed so innocent.  Is the Bible simply 'a' truth to you, or is it 'THE' Truth around which your life is centered?  The Bible, and 'THE' Truths contained within it cannot be separated from GOD and HIS Will or JESUS and HIS Shed Blood.  It's a package deal.  Is it your package deal?

Be Blessed fellow Believers, in HIS Will!

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