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Friday, August 5, 2011

We'll Be Okay!

It's so easy to get disappointed, disgruntled, and disillusioned with not only ourselves, but with the way things are in the world around us.  What we have to always use to balance things is the Grace of GOD.  What a lot of us don't get about Grace is that it is the very beginning of HIS Works in us, the imputation of Grace.  The part that confuses people is that without the receipt of Grace there would be no believing, or confessing, or redemption, it would be impossible.  Nobody, without the workings of Grace within, will ever wake up one morning and say, "Hey, I feel the Holy Spirit working in me.  I think I'll get saved today."  I've been thinking, even more than is usual for me, about how we each stand before the LORD.  I believe that what got me more focused on this issue is that a week ago today, July 29th, I went through an Ordination Ceremony to be ordained as an Evangelist of GOD.  I've held the position of Elder in the ministry International Prayer Response for almost three years, and felt called to seek the position of Evangelist.  Thinking about all that goes with this new position humbles me when I think of how much HE is depending on me.  If I let it, just thinking about being an Evangelist would completely bog me down, physically and spiritually.  Instead, I think about how others HE called probably felt much the same way I do, but they answered HIS call, and so will I.  When I voice the thought, 'LORD, I can't do this thing YOU've called me to,' it's like I hear HIS voice.  HE's saying something like, 'I know that you can't, by yourself.  That's why I'm not expecting you to do it by yourself. I'm here.  You'll be okay.'  I think my biggest fear is that I don't want to look back some day and realize that HE didn't call me into this, or any other, position, that I'd called myself.  Maybe that thought is HIS way of keeping me honest, so to speak, so that I'll test everything by HIM and HIS Scriptures.  When I think about what's going on all around us in this world and I apply the same thought there, then I can almost hear HIS voice encouraging me, and promising me that I don't have to deal with this world by myself.  Another thing that I do think about alot is that to a lot of people, GOD is an untapped resource.  Even Christians, or maybe I should say, 'especially Christians,' never consider turning everything over to HIM.  Most of us only go to HIM with what we consider the 'important stuff' and try to deal with the other things ourselves.  The point we're missing is that just like a sin is a sin is a sin....., so our problems are our problems are our problems.....  When we pick and choose what we give over to the FATHER, we're actually placing restrictions on what HE can and will do for us.  The reasons we do this varies, but I believe that one of the most common reasons is that we're involved in something we know that HE'll disapprove of, so we try to keep HIM out of that loop.  Our reasoning is flawed because whether we mention it to HIM or not, HE already knows. 

The bottom line is this, we'll be okay.  This world will get worse and worse day by day, and we'll be okay.  Things that we've never imagined could happen will happen, and we'll be okay.  Whether we voluntarily turn every single things over to HIM, we'll be okay.  What makes this true is the gift of Grace, and it's only because of that merciful gift that we'll be okay!

Be Blessed my fellow Believers, in HIS perfect Will!
Absarokee MT

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