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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Review - Extreme Prayer by Greg Pruett

Okay, I'll admit it, when this book came up for review my first instinct was to pass on it.  My reason was legitimate.  Prayer, both as a topic and as a practice, has been written on so much that many people are jaded on the subject.  But, with a bit of Spiritual pushing and shoving [by His Holy Spirit of course!], I committed to review Extreme Prayer, and what a blessing it's been for me.

Pruett has managed to introduce the same Scripture(s) on prayer that we'll all had shoved down our throats many times in an entirely new way.  He doesn't approach either the concept of prayer as a whole or the practise of praying as individuals as a requirement or a duty.  By wrapping his life experiences in ministry around solid Biblical teaching on the subject of prayer, the author makes it possible for readers to come away from this one hundred and fourteen page book looking forward to the adventure of a life of prayer with the Lord.  By tying different episodes of his, his families, and his ministry partners' live to the absolutes of Biblical prayer, this author successfully introduces prayer to readers in what I believe to be God's intent.  Scripture doesn't support that prayer should be a dreaded, or a "to be avoided at all cost(s)" part of the Believer's lives.  Prayer is something intended to be a part of Christians' lives that is looked forward to, depended on, and sought after.

The writing of Extreme Prayer is obviously the result of both the inspiration of the Lord's Holy Spirit, and a life lived focused on prayer.

Well done, Greg Pruett!

The book Extreme Prayer was furnished to myself by Tyndale Momentum in consideration for my reviewing the book. In no way was my review influenced by Tyndale Momentum of any other person.

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