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Monday, June 13, 2011

Convenience of The Cross

So what about it?  Is the Cross, and all that accompanies it, convenient for you?  Remember that we're not just talking about any cross, we're talking about The Cross.  I recently met a woman who said she needed much more that to just be a 'go to church on Sunday and Wednesday' Christian.  To me, she was making a decision that even if The Cross wasn't always convenient, she was ready to step up.  I'll tell you just how inconvenient The Cross has become for not only individuals, but to entire congregations.  I was blessed by the LORD almost three years ago to be called into the position of Ordained Elder in the prayer ministry International Prayer Response (  We just had our annual banquet, although it was really a potluck, here in Absarokee MT, and were blessed to have the man and his wife who were called by GOD almost six years ago to begin this ministry here with us from Bakersfield CA.  Jim Fox, the founder of International Prayer Response, who I've known for 30 plus years now, and his wife Maria spent a couple of days with us, which was a real blessing.  While they were here, Jim and I spent some time, like we always do, talking about our burden to get HIS Word to more people.  My position on this issue, and I've yet to meet a Spirit-filled Christian who doesn't agree, is that until every single person I have any contact with in any way whatsoever, has come to the Throne of Grace and accepted the shed blood of the SON for atonement of sin, my work for the LORD isn't complete.  A theme verse for me is from the Epistle of Paul to Timothy.

'But you be watchful in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an e

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