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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Is Your Outlook In Focus?

The things held dear vary amongst different people, in different places, for different reasons. A negative for some may well be a positive for another. What are accepted as good social manners by some cultures may possibly be insulting to people across the country, or just down the road, or even right across the street. Is there an absolute right or an unassailable wrong position, if so, who and what determines that? People can’t even agree on what are the most important issues to agree on! So how can we expect to be able to agree on what to disagree on? But, there is an answer, and we don’t have to be listed on anyone’s short list of the most profound thinkers to understand it. If truth be told, it’s probably better if we’re not an intellectual overachiever (eat your heart out Socrates!).

I remember many years ago watching a fellow plow with an old long eared mule. Now this stubborn old mule didn’t like being told what to do, does that ring a bell with anyone? The bottom line was that the man couldn’t plow a straight furrow because the mule was always looking for any excuse to act the fool. The old man was given a set of blinders for the mule with the idea being to keep the animal’s focus on only one thing, the far end of the field. Using the blinders did improve things quite a bit. For one thing, the farmer was able to watch the mule’s head and tell when he was going to act up because the animal couldn’t see things off to the side any more without turning his head before he went into stupid mode. So when the mule was looking for just anything to act up over, he had to really turn his head to one side or the other to be able to see clearly what he was going to fuss about, and this gave the old farmer plenty of time to get him on a straight line again without too much damage.

Now some people may not see how my little story about a stubborn mule wearing blinders has anything to do with anything, much less with outlook. But if we’ll slow down for just a minute, maybe we’ll be able to see how our outlook on what really counts is easily pulled out of focus. Maybe we need to put on, along with the rest of the ‘armor of GOD’ some Spiritual Blinders, just to keep our focus, and by that our outlook, just where it should be. Are we so far off course that we don’t even know where we should be headed?

Change your outlook about things that really don’t matter to the only thing that does, the LORD GOD. If we can just do this one thing, everything else will fall into place, and that’s not a promise from me, it’s from HIM!

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