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Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Kingdom of GOD

The Kingdom of GOD is far reaching.  It encompasses and surpasses anything we could ever imagine.  Do you know what it's not?  It's not something in the distant future.  It's not something we have to wait for.  It's not something that will never happen.  It's now for all who Believe.  Now a lot of folks will disagree with a good part of what we've already covered here.  A good many people who profess CHRIST insist that the Kingdom of GOD talked about in the Bible is the Heaven that we'll all spend eternity in.  All I will say in response to this position is, 'Read your Bibles!' Oh, by the way, 'Yeah, I'm a Believer!'  There is a single verse that will put all different sides of the Kingdom of GOD issue to rest.  CHRIST HIMSELF spoke the words in response to the same question at the root of this issue in Luke 17:20-21.  I'm not asking you to take my word for it, read it yourself, and then you decide if I'm reading the Scripture properly.     GOD Bless you!                       Terry a.k.a. k2montana

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