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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Why We Do What We Do!

Here's the story;  A young couple had just been married and returned home from their honeymoon.  She was fixing their first meal together in their new home while he was sitting at the breakfast bar looking through the  paper.  Knowing that roast was her new husbands favorite meal, she had went over the directions to cook the 'perfect' roast with her mother.  From time to time, he would look away from his paper just to watch her as she was preparing the roast to go in the roasting pan, and he just happened to glance up in time to watch as she cut a small piece of the roast off, wrapped in up and put it into the fridge.  Although he went back to his paper, the young husband kept going back to how his wife had cut some of the meat off before putting the roast into the oven.  Finally, he had to ask why she had done that.  They talked about it for a minute, with the end result being that she really didn't know why, but her mother had always cut off a small portion and used it for something else later, so that's why she had done it.  The next morning, after spending a good part of the night thinking about it, the young wife told her husband that now she wanted to know why her mother had always cut some of the roast off before cooking the rest of it.  So the newly weds went to her parents and explained the whole thing.  The thing was, her mom didn't know the answer, she did it because her mom had always done it that way.  Now everyone was really curious, so they all called grandma.  After explaining how the whole thing had started, they asked grandma why she had always fixed her roasts like this.  Grandma said she didn't have any idea why her daughter and granddaughter would cut off a piece of the roast, she did it because when she first married her only roasting pan was small and the roasts from the butcher were too big to go into the pan.  So, grandma had to cut off a bit so the meat would go into her small roaster.

The point to all of this is that a lot of us who profess to be Christians do a lot of things, and we don't know why we do them.  To make it worse, a lot of what we do as a part of our relationship with GOD isn't even Scriptural.  Habit, routine, tradition, peer pressure, lay the blame wherever you want, it won't change the facts.  GOD doesn't tell us in a single place in HIS Word to follow any person or routine or tradition blindly.  HE tells us to study HIS Word ourselves, and that alone, knowing HIS Word, will prepare us for anything HE calls us to, and yes, we are called to worship, and to pray, and to witness, and to many more things!  But HE wants us to know why we do those things.  Do you know why you do the things you do?  Every part of our relationship with the FATHER should pass the tests of the Scriptures, if it doesn't, then we're doing something wrong. 

May the LORD FATHER Bless you and yours, and may HIS Spirit bring discernment and guidance for HIS Will in your lives.  AMEN     or  'k2montana' on Twitter

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