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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Apologetics & Biblical Criticism

Today I'm going to throw a couple of excerpts at everyone that does a whole lot better job of explaining a couple of areas that are a part of every New Testament Believer's life.  Please feel free to follow the link at the bottom for even more information.
Be  Blessed, 
The Word Apologetics: Christian apologetics doesn’t mean saying sorry for being a Christian. The confusion arises because, in modern English, the word “apology” has a different meaning from the classical Greek word (apología)from which it was derived. Apología meant a defense or justification of one's beliefs, attitudes, or actions. For example, The Apology is Plato's version of the speech given by Socrates as he defended himself in 399 BC against the charges of corrupting the young by not believing in the gods recognized by the state, but inventing new deities. In other words, apologetics is the discipline of defending a position through the systematic use of information. Christian apologists also set forth positive grounds for Christianity. 

Criticism:  Most critics of the Bible assume that because something is unexplained it is unexplainable.  When a scientist comes across an anomaly in nature he doesn't give up on science.  How many scientists resigned when they found rings around Jupiter, which was contrary to all scientific explanations?
When the Bible has been proven to be accurate over and over again in hundreds of details, the burden of proof is on the critics, not on the Bible.
Most skeptics do not bring to the Bible the powers of comprehension and interpretation that they  would bring to a reading  of the average newspaper.  Perhaps this uneven treatment should not be surprising.  After all, the skeptic has much too lose if the Bible is right.
Unfortunately, most Christians have not been able to give adequate answers to the questions skeptics as as most churches are woefully lacking in the teaching of apologetics.    This is particularyly sad as there are virtually no so-called Biblical discrepancies that do not have an explanation.  As a result, the world thinks Christians cannot defend the authority of Scripture and, thus, the Christian faith.

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