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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Friend That Counts!

When I refer to the gift of life that Jesus gave all of mankind when He claimed the Father's Will as His only purpose for becoming Man, I'm aware that I'm not saying something that hasn't been said a thousand times over.  That in itself illustrates a point that also is older than the ages, that nothing about God,  that is God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, has ever or will ever change.  God, in His entirety, is static, consistent, never changing.  Use whatever word or phrase you choose to describe something or someone that is constant, and you're describing God.  Now I want you to keep this  little intro in mind while I share how this morning went.

Earlier this Christmas morning I had my wife, Faith, give me some instruction on how to navigate through Facebook.  When we got to the place where all of my friends were listed, I was a bit surprised to find out I had so many.  I've never heard of a vast majority of the people on my friend list.  Faith assured me that I had to have excepted each and every one of their 'Friend Requests' or they wouldn't be my Facebook friends.  Be that as it may, and I really think that somehow all of those people put themselves on my friend list, as I was looking down the list of friends, I was amazed at how many friends some of my friends had.  I mean some people on Facebook have hundreds and thousands of friends, and that got me to thinking about how few friends I actually have.  I don't mean on Facebook or any of the other Social Media WebSites.  I'm talking about actual, know them face-to-face,  call them on the phone friends.  Then I had it explained to me that people on Facebook didn't actually know all of their friends, but that their friends actually included all of their friends friends, and so on.  Anyway, ....

All of my rambling about the way the whole 'friend' thing works on Facebook sort of describes the process by which the best Friend any of us could ever have is actually our friend before  we ever know Him. Everything He has ever done has been for the benefit of untold millions of people who started out not knowing that He even existed.  Then as people excepted His friendship and told others about Him, His circle of friends grew, even though some people haven't accepted His 'Friend Request.'  But in spite of denied 'Friend Requests'  He was still friends with the one who denied His request simple because other friends had accepted His request.  Does any  this make any sense to anyone except me?  I sure hope so, because it's as clear as a bell to me.  

While there are some similarities in how friends are made and what defines friends on the Social Media thing and our Lord Jesus Christ, the purpose that He has for requesting our friendship doesn't resemble anything we'll find in this busted-up world we live in.  His desire to befriend us has nothing to do with who we know, how much money we have, how well 'connected' we are, what we can do for Him or someone else, or anything else on this list that can go on and on.  He comes  to us, wanting to be our best friend, with no strings attached, unless you call the gift of eternal life, endless love, and all-encompassing grace and mercy a string.  What I've just described is the most perfect and best friend any of us could ever hope to have.

How about it, is He your 'bestus' Friend?

Blessing everyone on this day of celebrating Life!
From my family to you'll, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
Terry, Faith, & the kids

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