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Monday, December 30, 2013

What's The Fuss?

       Hey, so I know that I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but even I know that up  is up, black is black, and so on.  But what I see  more and more of is making less and less sense to me, as regards sin and homosexuality.  Used  to be it was only  those who'd chosen the homosexual lifestyle, and were ashamed of their choice, who tried to convince everyone else that being gay, or queer, or whatever was okay and normal.  If you'll  just think about it for a minute, the shame and guilt that comes from deciding to live a life in total disobedience to God has got to be a tremendous burden.  I suppose it's a normal  thing to try to either try to convince the rest of humanity that the sin they choose to have as a very active part of there life is either okay and normal,  or that it's not their fault that they have  decided to live the homosexual lifestyle.  It used to be only God that got the blame, that He had made them the way they are.  But now genetics gets to share the fault, and  even then those who claim to be Christians bring God into it since He did speak mankind into being.  
     What I'm trying to figure out is exactly  what the fuss  is all about.  Nobody seems to have any trouble at all in identifying murder as unacceptable, not  only because it's against the law but also because it's a sin.  We have criminal codes and statutes that says it's illegal and God's Word declares it a sin.  The same thing with rape, assault, robbery, breaking and entering, child  molesting, and a great many more things that some folks make the decision to do.  So why aren't there advocates lined up from here to there in support of murderers, and rapists, and thieves, and child molesters?  Why aren't the perpetrators of these other actions trying to convince those of us who've decided to not break the law and to  not sin against God that what they've done is okay and normal?  To make all of this even worse, to me at least, is that in most states, engaging in homosexual activity is in fact a criminal offense.  Why is it okay to break both man's and God's Law  in this one particular area, to the point of making people who refuse to accept homosexuality as okay and normal as being horrible people?  

     I follow a fellow-pastor on Twitter who made the statement via a post  last week that he would be arrested before he would consider performing a same-sex wedding ceremony, and I am in total agreement with him.  We  have courts issuing judgements against people who refuse to do business with declared homosexuals.  But, and this is a big 'but', I still don't see what all of the fuss is about.  Let's get it together people,  and quit bowing down to satan, because that's what is really at the bottom of all of this.  If you don't believe me just read your Bibles.  Whether it's homosexuality, child molesting, murder, rape, thievery,  or any other act that is identified as sin  by God, the person who makes the choice to participate in the act is actively working for satan.  Just to make myself clear on this, any person who makes the conscious decision  to participate in any act or behavior  that is identified by God as sin is working for satan.  If when I get up in the morning and I make plans for what I'm going to do tomorrow I include raping a women, molesting a child, or having sex with another man, then I'm living contrary to God.  No amount of advocating or blaming someone else can change that fact.  And I'll tell you something else, Scripture makes it very clear that no particular sin is worse than any other sin.  Whether you steal a dollar candy bar or have a homosexual  relationship with another person, both acts are still sin.  

    I've been asked what I feel people who've made the decision to have same-sex relationships should do, and my answer is the same that I give to anybody who's not a Christian and wants to start living the life God would have them live.  Come to the altar, accept the shed blood of Christ as atonement for sin,  and renounce satan in his many forms.  Though it may sound easy, take my word for it, it's far from easy.  It's hard to change your lifestyle, but it's not something you'll have to do by yourself. 

     So I'll ask it again, what's all the fuss about?


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