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Friday, December 13, 2013

Subject: International Prayer Response

I know that I kind of left every hanging with my last post, but I really feel led [by Guess Who?] to introduce everyone to one of the few Ministries that I feel comfortable giving an 'A+' to.  But, in order to get a clear idea of the ministry, I first need to tell you s bit about the man God handpicked to start International Prayer Response.

I've known Jim (James R.) Fox since right before Thanksgiving of 1979.  I was a snot-nosed kid of 17 years who knew it all. (Does that sound familiar to anyone?)  If Jim had of ever started preaching at me in the days of our friendship, that would have ended it right there.  Something else that sticks in my mind, and this is still true to this day, is that I've never heard the man tell a single person that he was a Christian.  I was aware that Jim was a minister, the shipboard friend who introduced us made told me that before I met him.  I don't know, maybe my shipmate told me about Jim as a means of hoping I would dial it back a notch or three since I was a bit more of a trouble-maker than most 17-year old know-it-alls.

Now I don't want anyone starting a petition aimed at getting Jim Fox nominated for sainthood, because the fact is that Jim is like everyone else in that he has his faults.  Jim and I have had our differences, I've done and said things that he didn't approve of, and he's done and and said things that I didn't approve of. In spite of our occasional disagreements  we have remained friends, and in a lot of ways Jim was as much if not more father to me than my own father ever was.  One thing that I could always count on from Jim, and that was he has always shot straight with me, even when he knew that I wouldn't like what he had to say.  Another thing that helped define our relationship was that not once have I ever heard him say,"I told you so."  In fact, I cannot remember a time that he said anything about something I'd done until after I brought it up.  Right about now some may feel as if I'm sending mixed signals about the man, but that's not my intent at all.  I need everyone to realize that Jim Fox is just like all of us who profess Christ, he strives every day to be a stronger Christian, a more nurturing father, and a more understanding husband that he was the day before.

So, about six years ago Jim was pretty much retired from pastoring, he thought.  Without knowing the full details, I can only say that I'm sure that Jim was just a little surprised when God made His choice about who was to head up this prayer ministry.  There's been more than a handful of bumps and bruises along the way, but the Lord never said that anything He calls us to do would be easy, now did He?

I resigned my position of Evangelist from the ministry about a year ago, and being that  I didn't leave due to any doctrinal issues I have no problems endorsing International Prayer Response. After I left this ministry, I found out in short order that God had new plans for me and my wife, Faith,  which was to start an educational ministry. ('' & '')

If you feel that God is calling you to get involved more in His Will, and believe strongly in the authority of Prayer, then this ministry may be the place for you.  For some more information about International Prayer Response,  take a quick tour of the Ministries WebSite.  Then, as the Holy Spirit leads you, send Jim an email from the WebSite or get his number online and give him a call.

This ministry is not a church, but is a part of 'the' Church (capital C), and is not meant to replace your local Church.

'Lord Father, I come before You now with a grateful heart, and ask that You would bless the lives of those of Your children that may be being called to International Prayer Response.   Father, I also ask that You would continue to bless this ministry You called into being, and that people worldwide will continue to be comforted by the many prayers offered up through this and other Ministries.   Thank You Father Lord, Amen

Rev. Terry Keiner
Absarokee MT

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