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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Here We God Again - Part 2

Okay then, so now we're going to take this thing just a bit farther.

Have you been doing any pondering over what I left you with a couple of days ago?  Whats say we get right to the heart of this matter, and not spend a lot of time wallering around in it?  Works for me!

I don't care what your 'position' is or what your 'mindset' may be telling you.  Everything from politicians and their agendas come and go.  The same is true with everyone else from so-called atheists to zen Buddhists, it all comes and then is gone.  We've had the Mormons in Utah, Jim Jones in Guyana, and the Koresh followers in Waco along with literally hundreds of other not-so-well-known groups scattered about the globe.  Have you ever thought about what is the obvious motivation for these kind of people? Check this out:  They were all started by some guy who couldn't keep his drawers pulled up!  Think about it for a bit, do some research, and then get back to me.  Then we have the politicians.  Wow!!!  What a mess we've got going on there.  The worst thing about this for me is that at least in most of the foreign countries the wanna-be dictators, who in reality are only puppets on strings, don't try to hide the truth about what they are or what they want.  Here in the U.S., which I happen to believe is the greatest nation on earth, we've seen our first half-baked, want to be something I'm not, socialist doing his best, or rather doing what he's told, to destroy this country.  I'll tell everyone something, if you or I even thought about doing half of what old whats his name has done to destroy this country, we'd already be bedded down in GITMO.  Okay, enough of my ranting.

Here is the point I'm trying to make.  Long after all of these idiots are gone, two things will still be here, and that's only true until a Certain Someone decides otherwise.  This earth will still turn on it's slightly akilter axis, and it's still be occupied by a bunch of folks looking for someone to lead them.  Read your history, but don't get serious about it if you are ready for a very rude awakening.  What you'll find is that history is a story of insanity.  Remember what that frizzy headed guy said about insanity?  Something along the lines of keeping on doing the same thing exactly the same way yet expecting different results?  Sounds like he nailed it.  Why don't we all take a huge step, and this will not be encouraged by any business mogul, sorry Trump, aspiring world leader, you're out Obama, and use just a tiny bit of rationale?  Let's quit doing what has never worked out well in the last six-thousand or so years.Why don't we give some serious consideration to the one process that has remained consistent during all of man's recorded history?  What do you suppose would come about if we quit looking for something or someone new to believe in, and grabbed ahold of what has been right in our faces for far longer than any of us can remember? 

How about God?

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